Ethiopia Trip Part 1 – Packing

I’m taking my first trip to Africa and I am going to visit Ethiopia. I have planned 10 full days in Ethiopia plus 3 days of travel for a total vacation of 13 days. After reading through the guide book for awhile, 10 days seems a bit short. Oh well. I have other vacations to take this year, so 9 days off of work is already quite a bit.

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Cakebread Cellars 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon finally opened

I did a wine tasting on New Year’s Eve with some friends and we finally opened my 28 year-old bottle of wine. Unfortunately, the 28 year-old wine wasn’t as good as I  had remembered it when I first bought it. Here is some more info about this wine:

I bought this bottle of wine in 1998 at the the vineyard in Napa Valley. At that time, it tasted fantastic. I was not and still am not a sophisticated wine drinker. I was out in California with some friends for another friend’s wedding. I bought a bottle of this wine for a wedding present and thought to myself that I better buy myself a bottle too.